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“To say I nailed this speech would be an understatement.”

Lee, California (more)


The process was painless and my speech was perfect!”

Laura, Iowa (more)

“It was GREAT! Got a standing ovation from everyone.”

Bill, Florida (more)

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Get the Luxury of a Kickass Speech and the Confidence to Nail It Without Stress


Choose from three comprehensive speech packages depending on your speaking experience, goals and level of nervousness about wedding day.

BOOK EARLY. Weddings are being scheduled at a record pace as the world reopens from COVID.

This is a highly personal, one-to-one service and availability is severely limited. Already booking for weddings as far out as May 2022.

** No availability for weddings on or before June 22, 2021**


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For great speakers

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Essential Package Includes:

• A fast, easy two-step process to focus the years of thoughts, memories and feelings about the bride or groom you have bouncing around in your head right now.

• A fun, warm, 100% original 6- to 9-minute speech written in your voice and personality.

• No canned jokes, tired clichés, empty praise or phony B.S. you hear in every other wedding speech.

• Unlimited editing to ensure every word is exactly what you want to say.

• Formatted on note cards you pick up from your local print shop (they will charge you for printing, of course).

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Speech + Coaching

If you’re nervous

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Refined Package Includes:

• Everything in the Essential Package PLUS unlimited performance coaching to help you eliminate nervousness and ensure you’re cool, comfortable and ready to crush it on wedding day.

• Includes the best-kept secret in public speaking (if you're nervous, this alone will be a game-changer for you not only for this speech but every presentation for the rest of your life).

• Includes The Field Guide to Nailing Your Wedding Speech, a straightforward, 15-page book with valuable tips and strategies for rehearsing, reducing fear, using mics and other important issues to ensure you knock your speech out of the park.

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Speech, Coaching + Book

Ideal speech & gift

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Legacy Package Includes:

• Everything in the Refined Package PLUS a 7”x 7”, four-color, hardcover gift book with the full text of your speech plus up to 10 photographs printed on archival-quality Mohawk Proline Paper with an eggshell-textured uncoated finish (see book)

• Includes an inscription page for you to write a short personal note that will make it a beautiful, thoughtful one-of-a-kind keepsake the bride and groom will cherish forever. Book arrives with a special pen that uses archival-quality pigment ink that dries to a neutral pH that won’t fade. So the book will have your inscription forever.  

• Presented in a high-quality, custom-made black box with red looped ribbon to help lift book from box.




Speech + Coaching


Speech, Coaching + Book


“Thankfully Den Pope has stepped in to disrupt the process to ghostwrite an impressive, heartfelt and professional-sounding speech.”

Luke Winkie, Columnist, Vox Media (more)

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“Den was incredible from start to finish. I had never spoken in front of a large group before and he helped me ease all of my anxieties and deliver a perfect speech.”

Michelle, Connecticut (more)

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“This was the 2nd time I relied on Den to prepare a speech for me and I was again, extremely impressed with the entire process and the final product.”

Dan, California (more)


Frequently Asked Questions


What happens after I book my speech?

After booking you immediately receive an order confirmation then a separate email from me with a few questions to get started. This is a fast, easy process for you to get a funny, warm, killer original speech.  

What information do you need to write the speech?

I’ve used The Nail Your Speech Process for nearly 20 years to gather a combination of facts, feelings and experiences. First you’ll answer a few simple but thought-provoking questions about the bride, groom and your relationship with them. Then I’ll call you to go deeper on some of the information. I also want to get a good sense of your values, character, personality and humor—all of which factor heavily into the voice and personality of your speech.

What types of wedding speeches do you write?

All of them—from best man, groom and father/mother of the bride/ groom… to maid of honor, bride and bridesmaid. Each speech is different but I use the same meticulous research process to uncover and organize your thoughts, feelings and experiences. That means a speech 100% aligned with your values, personality and relationship with the bride and groom. This is the one speech only you can deliver.  (Please note that I no longer create officiant scripts/speeches.)

Is our work together confidential?

Yes. You're in complete control. Some clients mention our work together to others, some don't. It's up to you. Regardless, I'm always working behind the scenes to help you nail your speech. 

Where are you based?

I'm completely digital and work with clients around the world. My home base is Chicago. I'm easy to reach day and night through email or telephone. And I promptly return emails and messages.

Do I really need this? It probably won't work for me anyway.

This is a highly personalized service that will ensure your speech is the best speech of the day. If you're struggling with what to say or are an inexperienced speaker, this is for you. You don't have to continue wrestling with this alone or resort to using the same dull, generic lines and phony B.S. off Google you hear at every wedding.

I've written speeches and coached thousands of speakers at all age and experience levels for nearly 20 years. This process will work for you, too.

Giving a wedding speech is, for most of us, a once-in-a-lifetime honor. I will help make it one of the best experiences of your life.

What's your background?

After earning a B.A. in communication studies and an M.A. in journalism on scholarship, I began my career in marketing agencies creating strategy and writing ads, films, speeches, books, websites and other materials for Fortune 500 companies and global nonprofits.

CEOs and other executives at client companies would often ask me to write a wedding or other speech. These execs were typically nervous about delivering their speech. 

And there is a strong emotional component to weddings where, for example, a father is speaking to his daughter or a maid of honor is honoring her big sister.

I found I particularly enjoyed the work of helping people who are under pressure, short of time or doubting their abilities nail their wedding speeches.

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