Nail the Best Wedding Speech They’ve Ever Heard

Wedding Speechwriter & Strategist Den Pope






Everyone fears another dull, rambling, do-it-yourself speech filled with generic lines, confusing stories and phony B.S. from Google.


You have to be original, creative and authentic to nail it.


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“I had so many people come up to me at the wedding to tell me the speech made them laugh, cry and was one of the best speeches they have heard.”

Danielle, California (continue)


“I had well over 50% of the people attending the wedding compliment me on my speech. What a great feeling! My daughter and new son in law loved it as well. When I first decided to hire you, I thought you were a little pricey, but after going through the full DEN experience, I can honestly say the fee you charge is a real value.”

Steve, Illinois (continue)

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“I’m a skeptical person by nature. Den exceeded my expectations. He has this down to a science. I got so many compliments that night I can't even count.”

Connor, California (continue)


As you think about wedding day, imagine…


… giving a “one-size-fits-all” wedding speech with lines from Google everyone has heard, where the humor falls flat, enthusiasm and emotion are low and where everyone feels stuck waiting for you to wrap it up.

Now imagine giving an original speech in your voice and personality that grabs and engages the crowd, has family and friends laughing and crying, gets raves from people you don’t even know and creates a memory on video the bride and groom will cherish forever.

In addition to many years of speechwriting and performance coaching experience, my real value to you is perspective.

You have years of thoughts, memories, experiences and feelings about the bride or groom in your heart and head. And it probably all feels like a jumbled mess right now.

That makes it next to impossible to step back and get perspective, which is what it takes to create a great speech that honors the bride and groom and is easy and enjoyable for the audience to follow. (more)

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How You Can Nail Your Speech, Too



Step 1


Choose from three speech packages depending on your goals, needs and level of nervousness about wedding day.

Step 2


I focus your years of memories about the bride or groom with a proprietary discussion guide and a fun, casual, one-hour conversation.

Step 3


I write your funny, warm, original speech in your voice and personalty and show you how to nail it without stress.


Why This Works So Well For You




With an M.A. in journalism and decades of speechwriting experience, I know how to get to the heart, soul and humor of your relationship with the bride and groom. This is not a side hustle, this is what I’ve done full time since 2001. (see About)


This is a tried-and-true journalistic process I’ve used for many years to create a funny, warm, killer original wedding speech only one person in the world can give—you. (see Media Coverage)


No canned lines or phony B.S. like you hear in every other wedding speech. That means you’ll get compliments from everyone for being the one who actually cared enough to give an original speech. (see Reviews)


With the right help and a few simple, proven secrets you can nail your speech no matter how much public speaking experience you’ve had.


I create speeches for spectacular weddings in the world's most prestigious venues including:



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