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“Wedding speeches are easily the worst 10 minutes of what’s supposed to be the best night of a couple’s life, but thankfully Den Pope has stepped in to disrupt the process.”

Luke Winkie, columnist, Vox Media


“I followed Den’s guidance with everything and delivered a speech that had people crying, laughing and completely captivated with every word.”

Mark, New Jersey (continue)


“I had well over 50% of the people come up to me to compliment me on my speech. What a great feeling! I can honestly say the fee you charge is a real value.”

Steve, Illinois (continue)


“Den knew just knew the right questions to ask to draw certain stories and humor to include in my speech. He is amazing at what he does!”

Dana, Texas (continue)


“People were coming up to me all night telling me that it was the best MOH speech they ever heard. The bride's family told me I completely captured her true essence.”

Claire, Florida (continue)


“I was a rockstar! Everyone loved it. I had numerous people come up to my throughout the evening to express how moved they were.” 

Jeff, Arizona (continue)


How It Works


Hi… I’m Den Pope

Let me scoot you right past your fear, uncertainty and maybe even tiny panic attacks that set in every time you even think about wedding day.

STEP 1:  Answer a few simple yet thought-provoking questions about the bride, groom and your relationship with them.

STEP 2:  I'll call you to go deeper and get to know you.

This is a journalistic process I’ve used for 20 years to create an authentic, original speech in your voice and personality—a speech only you can give. No phony B.S. like you hear in every other wedding speech.

I create speeches for spectacular weddings in the world's most prestigious venues including:


Crush Nervousness… Connect With Everyone… Get Compliments


COVID-19 has only temporarily changed the way we celebrate. Most of the speeches I’m creating are for events now through September 2021.

My clients find this not only helps them prepare for the future but ensures they have an even bigger and better speech to honor and entertain the bride, groom and guests. This is a highly personal, one-to-one service and availability is limited.

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Essential Package
For great speakers


Essential Package Includes:

• A fast, easy two-step process to focus the years of thoughts, memories and feelings about the bride or groom you have bouncing around in your head right now.

• A fun, warm, 100% original 6- to 9-minute speech written in your voice and personality.

• No canned jokes, tired clichés, empty praise or phony B.S. you hear in every other wedding speech.

• Unlimited editing to ensure every word is exactly what you want to say.

• Formatted on note cards you pick up from your local print shop (they will charge you for printing, of course).


Refined Package
Speech + Coaching
If you’re nervous


Refined Package Includes:

• Everything in the Essential Package PLUS unlimited performance coaching to help you eliminate nervousness and ensure you’re cool, comfortable and ready to crush it on wedding day.

• Includes the best-kept secret in public speaking (if you're nervous, this alone will be a game-changer for you not only for this speech but every presentation for the rest of your life).

• Includes The Field Guide to Nailing Your Wedding Speech, a straightforward, 15-page book with valuable tips and strategies for rehearsing, eliminating fear, using microphones and other important issues to help you knock your speech out of the park.

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Legacy Package
Speech + Coaching + Book
Ideal speech & gift


Legacy Package Includes:

• Everything in the Refined Package PLUS a 7”x 7”, four-color, hardcover gift book with the full text of your speech plus up to 10 photographs printed on archival-quality Mohawk Proline Paper with an eggshell-textured uncoated finish (see book)

• Includes an inscription page for you to write a short personal note that will make it a beautiful, thoughtful one-of-a-kind keepsake for the bride and groom. Book arrives with a special pen that uses archival-quality pigment ink that dries to a neutral pH that won’t fade like every other ink pen. So the book will have your inscription in your handwriting forever.

• Presented in a high-quality, custom-made black box with red looped ribbon to help lift book from box.


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