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The Best Wedding Speech is Given by the One Who Cares & Prepares

A recent article on wedding speeches in the Los Angeles Times included this:

“The best man's speech should be… the high point of the reception and it is very often his ability to make this particular speech, with humor and interest, which should be one major deciding factor for the selection of the best man.”

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The Death Knell of Wedding Speech Templates

A client recently directed me to a wedding “speechwriter” on-line (this one happens to be in England but they’re everywhere) who sells canned speech templates but also promises to write you an “original” speech if you like.  Really?  So, does that mean he won’t use any of the dull, tired lines from the generic speech templates he’s selling in your speech then?  I’m skeptical.

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Your Wedding Speech: Should You iPhone It In?

I was excited to receive a video recently from a client giving the best man speech at his friend’s wedding in Boston.

He’s a dentist without much public speaking experience so he was on edge in the days leading up to the wedding. The video showed him a little nervous but mostly energized and feeding off the crowd. He got laughs, cheers and applause throughout. A homerun by any standard.

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