It's All You (and more)

"I got so many compliments I felt guilty I didn't write it myself."

I occasionally get emails along these lines after clients give their speech at the wedding.  When I do, I'm always quick to point out that I didn't make anything up to create their speech. It's all them.

In fact, it's more them in personality, voice and style than if they tried to write it on their own.    

In addition to many years of wedding speechwriting and performance coaching experience, my real value to you is perspective.  You have years, even a lifetime of memories, thoughts and feelings about the bride and/or groom in your heart and head. 

And if you're like most, it all feels like a blur in your mind.  That makes it next to impossible to step back and get perspective, which is what it takes to create a great speech that honors the groom and bride and is easy and enjoyable for the audience to follow.  

But ultimately your speech is ALL you. and more because I help you put your thoughts, memories and experiences with the bride or groom into the perfects.  So, enjoy the compliments you'll receive on wedding day! 


9 out of 10 do-it-yourself wedding speeches flop & disappoint because they’re dull, rambling & steal the same generic lines & phony B.S. off the Internet everyone hears over and over.

I focus your thinking, write your original speech & show you how to knock it out of the park. You get the thanks & compliments

Dennis Pope