Speech Hotline

A Creative, Compelling and Experienced Speechwriter

I help fathers, mothers, best men, maids of honor and others in the wedding party give surprisingly fun, warm and original speeches that honor the bride and groom while entertaining the audience.

After earning a B.A. in communication studies and an M.A. in journalism on scholarship, I began my career in marketing agencies creating strategy and writing ads, films, speeches, books, websites and other materials for Fortune 500 companies and global nonprofits.

CEOs and other executives at client companies would often ask me to write a speech for a wedding, anniversary, funeral, retirement, milestone birthday or other social event in their personal lives.

These execs were also typically nervous about delivering their social speeches despite being accomplished business executives.  That's because wedding and other social speeches tend to push people out of their comfort zones. 

And there is a strong emotional component to weddings where, for example, a father is speaking to his daughter or a maid of honor is honoring her big sister.

I found I particularly enjoyed the work of helping people who are under pressure, short of time or doubting their abilities nail their wedding speeches.  Or put another way, the world doesn't need another advertising campaign for an insurance product, the world desperately needs great wedding speeches. 

I've since helped hundreds of speakers knock their speeches out of the park at weddings in the Grand Ballroom of The Plaza New York, Sydney Opera House and Karma Beach in Bali.... to banquet halls, country clubs and backyards around the world.

In many cases I've created speeches for best men or maids of honor serving in several weddings over the years or for fathers of multiple daughters (the record is four).   

But chance are, your speech is likely a once-in-a-lifetime honor. So, this should be one of the best experiences of your life. Get started now and enjoy the compliments on wedding day.