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As you think about wedding day, imagine giving a homemade “one-size-fits-all” wedding speech with lines off Google everyone has heard, where the humor falls flat, enthusiasm and emotion are low and where everyone feels stuck waiting for you to wrap it up.

Now imagine giving an original speech in your voice and personality that grabs and engages the crowd, has family and friends laughing and crying, gets raves from people you don’t even know and creates a memory on video the bride and groom will cherish forever.

In addition to many years of speechwriting and performance coaching experience, my real value to you is perspective.

You have years of thoughts, memories, experiences and feelings about the bride or groom in your heart and head. And it probably all feels like a jumbled mess right now.

That makes it next to impossible to create a great speech that honors the bride and groom and is easy and enjoyable for the audience to follow.

It's painful for the bride, groom and guests to see speakers falling flat. But the fact is, most wedding speakers struggle to connect with the audience.

Instead of having a great time honoring the bride and groom and entertaining guests, they're sweating bullets.

Or they're "winging it" with long, rambling inside stories no one is interested in or can follow.

Worse, some resort to using stale, silly, even offensive jokes and one-liners they pull off Google and YouTube.

The fact is, no one wants to sit through a "roast" of the bride or groom from a rookie stand-up comedian on open-mic night.

And no one wants to hear empty platitudes and tired clichés read from a generic wedding speech template.

What everyone at the wedding is hoping for is a fun, sincere, original speech that gives them an entertaining, "inside look" at the bride and groom through your eyes and experiences.

That means your speech has to be totally aligned with your values, personality and unique relationship with the bride and groom.

For many years now, I’ve been focusing the thinking and writing the speeches for people with absolutely zero speech writing or speaking experience (not to mention a fear of public speaking).

In just a few easy steps you’ll be “armed to the teeth” with an original speech and the know-how to crush it on wedding day.

Book your speech below and get the secrets that are in the Bag of Tricks of every A-list public speaker.

Let me scoot you right past your fear, uncertainty and maybe even tiny panic attacks that set in every time you even think about wedding day.



Unlike most people, Monday morning is my favorite time of the week. That’s when I hear back from fathers, best men, maids of honor and others who knocked their speeches out of the park over the weekend.

I write speeches, but I’m really in the relationship business. I create surprisingly fun, warm and original speeches but my real goal is to make you an event game changer who brings family and friends together.

Here’s how it all started for me. After earning a B.A. in communication studies and an M.A. in journalism on scholarship, I began my career in marketing agencies creating strategy and writing ads, films, speeches, books, websites and other materials for Fortune 500 companies and global nonprofits.

CEOs and other executives at client companies would often ask me to write their speech for a wedding, anniversary, funeral, retirement or other social event in their personal lives.

As I wrote more speeches and heard how the speeches went, something interesting and unexpected happened. I began to feel, for the first time, that I was adding some real value to the world. Put another way, the world doesn’t need another ad campaign for insurance… the world desperately needs kickass wedding speeches (and if you’ve been to a wedding you know what I’m talking about).

I’ve since worked with everyone from casino owners, Hollywood agents and CEOs… to FedEx drivers, firefighters and flight attendants. I can report these speeches drive everyone at least a little crazy because they push you out of your comfort zone.

And there is a strong emotional component to weddings where a father is speaking to his only daughter or a maid of honor is honoring her big sister.

Over the last 19 years, I've helped thousands of speakers knock their speeches out of the park at weddings in the Grand Ballroom of The Plaza New York, Sydney Opera House and Karma Beach in Bali.... to banquet halls, country clubs and backyards around the world.

This is the easiest and most enjoyable way to not only nail your speech but make it one of the best experiences of your life.

Book early to ensure availability then relax.