A fast and easy process to get a funny, warm and completely original speech plus the absolute confidence to knock it out of the park with ease. 






Welcome and congratulations on your upcoming wedding speech!

The bride, groom and guests are undoubtedly expecting you to give a great speech that is fun, tight, punchy and warm.   

As your "secret weapon," I'll help you surprise everyone by knocking your speech out of the park. In fact, I want this speech to be one of the best moments of your life (and the bride and groom's, too). 

That’s why I do this.

From working with hundreds of wedding speakers over the years, I know you’re likely facing one or more of the following challenges right now:

•  You have years of memories, thoughts, experiences and feelings about the bride or groom in your heart and head—and it all feels like one, big jumbled blur in your mind at this moment.

•  You don’t have much, if any, social speechwriting experience, especially at a high-profile event like a wedding.

•  You’re nervous about speaking in front of hundreds of people.

•  You’re busy and don’t have the time or motivation to sit down, try to organize your thoughts then write a great speech.




I have a fast, easy, surefire process to organize your thoughts and memories.  Then I’ll create a great speech for you in your voice and personality. That means it will be easy and comfortable for you to deliver — even if you don’t like public speaking.

Your speech will be funny, warm and completely original. NO stale jokes or generic lines like so many of the dull wedding speeches you’ve seen or that are posted on YouTube.

NO speech templates, tired clichés or empty praise that could be said about any one of thousands of brides and grooms that day (like “You’re the perfect couple !!!”) 

I've helped speakers nail their speeches at weddings in the Grand Ballroom of The Plaza New York, Sydney Opera House and Karma Beach in Bali... to banquet halls, country clubs and backyards around the world.

Your life leading up to the wedding just got a whole lot easier.  Choose from three great speech options below. 

Let’s rock this thing.



P.S. -- Don’t underestimate the power of a well-written speech to strengthen your relationship with the bride and groom even more while entertaining and impressing the crowd. Enjoy the compliments. Questions?



Get the perfect speech and eliminate uncomfortable, awkward and embarrassing moments on wedding day that come from convincing yourself you can “just jot a few things down” or “wing it.” 



•  A funny, warm, 100% original 6- to 9-minute wedding speech written in your voice and personality. No stale jokes, tired clichés, empty praise or embarrassing lines like you see in most speeches. 

•  Unlimited editing to ensure every word is exactly what you want to say.

•   Your speech will be laid out on 5" x 8" note cards that you print... or I'll work with your local FedEx Copy and Print Center to print cards for you (they will charge you for printing, of course).  Done.

The best wedding speeches are warm but funny
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•  Everything in the Essential Package PLUS unlimited performance coaching (including the best kept secret in public speaking) to help you perfect your delivery, eliminate nervousness and ensure you’re cool, comfortable and ready to crush it on wedding day—even if you don't like public speaking. 

•   Includes The Field Guide to Nailing Your Wedding Speech, a straightforward, 15-page book with valuable tips and strategies for rehearsing, presenting, reducing fear, using microphones and other important issues to help you rock it with ease and confidence.


•  Everything in the Refined Package PLUS a 7”x 7”, four-color, hardcover commemorative gift book with the full text of your speech plus up to five photographs printed on archival-quality Mohawk Proline Paper with an eggshell-textured uncoated finish.

•  The book also includes a gift inscription page for you to write a short personal note that will make it a beautiful, thoughtful one-of-a-kind keepsake for the bride and groom.

• Presented in a custom black box with red looped ribbon to help lift book from box. 

The Field Guide has tips and strategies for nailing your wedding speech
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These are custom, handcrafted speeches. Because of the time and attention required to complete all research and writing myself, I'm able to create just 5 speeches a week worldwide.  As a result, speeches are often booked weeks or months in advance. Order now to ensure availability and give yourself plenty of time to relax with and comfortably rehearse your speech without the added and unnecessary stress of time pressure.

First, you'll receive an order confirmation then I'll email you a few quick questions to get us started today.
This is a fast, simple process that will make your life easier and ensure you nail your speech. 


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What information do you need to write the speech? What's the process? Why do we need to talk on the phone?

I have a tried-and-true process for gathering a combination of facts, feelings and experiences. I use the information to create a funny, sincere, 100% original speech that vividly illustrates the personality and character of the bride and groom through your eyes and in your voice and personality.

The speech is all you. No speech templates, canned jokes or empty clichés.  

This is a fun, easy, 2-step process for you. You'll answer a few simple yet thought-provoking questions about the bride and groom. Then I'll follow up with a short call. That’s it.

You'll have a fun, original speech to honor and entertain with heart, humor and confidence. And every word will be in your voice and personality, which means it be easy and comfortable for your to deliver.  

I call you because it's easier and faster for you to go deeper on topics in a short conversation than in writing. Plus, I want to get a sense of your style and personality, both of which factor heavily into your speech.

Do I really need this? It probably won't work for me anyway.

This is a highly personalized service that will ensure your wedding speech is a huge hit. If you're struggling with what to say or are an inexperienced speaker, this is for you.

What is a speech that will strengthen your relationship with the bride and groom while impressing and entertaining the crowd worth to you? You'll get laughs, tears and compliments. You'll feel great for having given the best of yourself on wedding day.

And everyone will be thrilled they didn't have to sit through yet canned, silly, clichéd speech from a wedding speaker who convinced themselves they could "just jot a few things down" or "wing it."

I've written speeches and coached hundreds of wedding speakers at all experience levels for nearly 20 years. This customized process will work for you, too. You don't have to continue wrestling with this alone.

Giving a wedding speech is, for most, a once-in-a-lifetime honor. So, why not make it one of the best experiences of your life?

Is our work together confidential?

Yes — you're in complete control. Some wedding speakers mention our work together to others, some don't. It's up to you. Regardless, I'm always working behind the scenes to help you nail your speech.


Where are you based?

I'm completely digital and work with clients everywhere. I've created speakers for speakers across the U.S., Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Belize, U.S. Virgin Islands, Ireland and everywhere in between. My home base is on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. I'm easy to reach day and night through email or telephone. And I promptly return emails and messages.


 Just click the blue "CHAT!" below, drop me a note or call (773) 857-0775.