I focus your years of memories… write your killer original speech… and show you how to nail it without stress


Hi… I’m Father of the Bride Speechwriter & Strategist Den Pope.

Brides, grooms and audiences are tired of do-it-yourself father of the bride speeches pieced together with dull, rambling stories and canned, one-size-fits-all lines and other silliness pulled off Google they’ve all heard before. Snore.

I’ll help you shock, surprise and thrill your daughter, son-in-law and everyone with a killer original speech that is funny, warm and unforgettable.

A great father of the bride speech is an event game changer. Be the one father who finally cared enough to give his best in an original speech.

And enjoy the thanks and compliments from everyone.


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What Are Others Saying About Den Pope and the Nail Your Speech Process?

Jeff, Texas

“Everyone looked at me with pain on their face as I came up to make my speech. They obviously feared a tedious speech. I got a huge roar of laughter early in the speech and after that nothing but cheers of encouragement.” (more)



Steve, Illinois

I had well over 50% of the people attending the wedding compliment me on my speech. What a great feeling! My daughter and new son-in-law loved it as well. When I first decided to hire you, I thought you were a little pricey, but after going through the full DEN experience, I can honestly say the fee you charge is a real value.”(more)



Kevin, Colorado

“Well, it was surreal. You probably won't believe me but half the men were in tears and everyone said it was perfect, including my wife and other kids. My daughter and son-in-law thought it was amazing.” (more)



Dan, California

“This was the 2nd time I had relied on Den to prepare a speech for me and I was again, extremely impressed with the entire process and the final product.(more)

Jim, New York

At least 20 people told me it was the best wedding speech they've ever heard. Another 100 told me they loved it one way or another. The brilliant part is that Den is actually pulling the speech out of you and organizing your thoughts - the memories, tone and jokes are all yours.” (more)

Allen, Illinois

“As I finished it and walked off the dance floor, my youngest son jumped up from his table, grabbed my arm and whispered in my ear, "Dad, that was awesome!" And that was the reaction of everyone else in the audience.” (more)


Give the Best Father of the Bride Speech They’ve Ever Heard


Your relationship with your daughter is like no one else’s.

But it’s difficult to step back from years of thoughts, memories and feelings to make sense of it all.

I get to the heart, soul and humor of your relationship to create a speech only one person in the world can give—you.


Your voice and personality can’t be captured in canned speeches, generic compliments and silly lines pulled off Google.

Audiences want an authentic, inside look at your relationship and will feel bored and manipulated if you try and con them with the same empty platitudes that can be said about every daughter and son-in-law. Zzz…

Film 85.png


The best speech is grounded in the fact humans have been hard-wired for story since the Stone Age.

So like a movie, your speech must grab, entertain and surprise the audience in a simple, easy-to-follow narrative structure that is more showing than telling.


Why This Makes It So Easy for You To Nail It




With an M.A. in journalism and decades of speechwriting experience, I know how to get to the heart, soul and humor of your relationship with your daughter.

This is not a side hustle, this is what I’ve done full time since 2001. (see About)


This is a tried-and-true journalistic process I’ve used for many years to create funny, warm, killer original father of the bride speeches.

This is a speech only one person in the world can give—you. (see Media Coverage)


No canned lines or phony B.S. like you hear in every other father of the bride speech.

That means you’ll get compliments from everyone for being the one who actually cared enough to give an original speech. (see Reviews)


I create speeches for spectacular weddings in the world's most prestigious venues