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Hi… I’m Den Pope. 

Right now I’ll bet you have years of thoughts, memories, feelings and experiences about your daughter banging around in your heart and head. And it probably all feels like a blur.

For many years now, I’ve been focusing the thinking and writing the speeches of father with absolutely zero speech writing or speaking experience (not to mention a fear of public speaking). 

In two easy steps you’ll be “armed to the teeth” with an original speech and the know-how to crush it on wedding day. 

Giving a kickass speech isn't quantum physics. 

Like almost everything, if you take a bit of time to get the right help and learn a few simple and proven secrets, everything else is just ridiculously easy and fun. 

Book your speech below and get the secrets that are in the Bag of Tricks of every A-list public speaker. 

Let me scoot you right past your fear, uncertainty and maybe even tiny panic attacks that set in every time you even think about wedding day. 


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